Why Does Car Need to Be Jump-Started with New Battery?

Dear Ken, the used Ford pickup I just bought from Cars for a Grand will not start unless I jump start it even with a new battery in it.

Any idea of what could be wrong?

- Gus L., MO

Dear Gus, first check the battery cables.

Sometimes these connections can becomecorroded and stop transmitting electric current.

Also, check the alternator belt to see if its worn. If not, then it could be the alternator. The wiring on it may be wrong,
but most likely the alternator gave out.

Make certain that the charge that is being produced by the alternator is actually being fed into the battery.

Hope this helps.

- Ken the Car Guy

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  1. March 12th, 2010 | donna williams says:

    I feel so BLESSED to have found you!!! You are providing a wonderful service and I am going to put you on my facebook wall.God bless you,Donna

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