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Why Did My Power Window Stop Working?


My passenger side window just gave out.  Now it’s stuck in the down position, and I need to drive an hour to and from work.  What do I need to replace to get this fixed?

-Mary D., VT


When a power window fails, it’s usually either the switch of the window motor.  To test, the easiest thing to do is check the motor.  Take a voltmeter and test the positive and negative connections.  If they get power (usually 12 Volt) when you flick the switch, you know the switch is good and the motor is bad.  If they don’t get power, the switch is bad and the motor is probably good.

To fix the situation, contact your dealer about replacement parts, or order them online if you can.  replacing the bad part should make everything work.

- Ken the Car Guy


Can I Put Vinyl Decals On The Body?


I have some vinyl decals that I was told are meant for windows.  Can I use these on the paint job as well?

- Tim T., ID


Vinyl decals can be placed on the body of your car as well.  One issue to keep in mind though is that vinyl decals for windows are usually reversed; they’re meant to be applied to the inside of the window.  If you decide to place these decals on the body of the car, the image will appear to be reversed.

If the decal is all image, you shouldn’t have a problem.  Just make sure you clean the car well before applying, or it’ll fall right off.

- Ken the Car Guy


Why Did Both My Windows Stop Working?


Both the driver and passenger power windows suddenly stopped working this morning.  I’ve checked the fuses and nothing seems to be blown.

- Jordan H., IL


If you’re certain that the fuse controlling the windows is still working, the problem is almost certainly with the window relay switch.  Depending on your car, this switch might be located in the driver’s side door, behind the dash, or under the hood.  Check your car’s manual to find the location of the switch and make sure it’s getting power.  Also check the connections from the relay switch to the power window motors.  If the relay is getting power, but the motors are not, then you’re looking at replacing your relay switch.  These units are typically pretty cheap, so thankfully you’re not going to break the bank.

- Ken the Car Guy