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How Can I Fix Leaky Windows?


Whenever it rains, my windows leak a bit and the water drips down to the armrest and gets on the window control unit, which I assume isn’t a good thing.  What can I do to fix the seal between the body and the door?

-Al P., ND


If I understand correctly, the problem is with the seal between the door and the body of the car.  If this is the issue, you should look into getting some new sealant to attach either to the door or the car body.  Most auto stores will have a decent selection of sealants, and you should be able to fix it up pretty easily.

- Ken the Car Guy


What Is Brake Fluid?


What is brake fluid exactly?  Is there any reason why I can’t refill my fluid with water?

-Graham B., MI


There are several things about brake fluid that make it better than water.  Water will work just fine for a while, but brake fluid contains corrosion inhibitors which will keep your brakes from rusting in the presence of water.

Brake fluid also doesn’t expand or contract as much as water in the cold or heat.  This feature keeps your brakes from seizing if the temperature suddenly changes.

Another good thing about brake fluid is that it has a higher boiling point, at 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you were to use plain water instead, the brakes may get hot enough to flash boil the water which would certainly cause you many more problems.

As I said earlier, water can get you by in a pinch; if you need to drive to the auto store for more brake fluid for example, but don’t use it for very long as it can have damaging effects on your vehicle.

- Ken the Car Guy


How Often Should I Change My Oil?


I’ve been told I should change my oil every 7,000 miles, but I only make short trips so I never drive more than a couple thousand miles a year.  How often do you think I should get my oil changed?

- Dan K., CA


Most engine manuals recommend changing the oil after a certain number of miles because oil inevitably gets dirty after use.  Carbon buildup, humidity and temperature changes can all affect the viscosity of oil.

If your engine only sees occasional use, the oil can still loose it’s functionality due to humidity and temperature changes which cause condensation to bleed water into the oil system.  If you don’t drive the suggested number of miles, a good practice is to get an oil change once a year, especially if your car is kept outside and sees regular changes in temperature.  This will keep your oil system healthy and prevent problems down the road.

- Ken the Car Guy