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Why Are My Turn Signals Flashing Irregularly?


My turn signals suddenly started flashing irregularly.  The light on the dash flashes erratically as well.  Is there something wrong with the headlights?

-Hank D., MA


Whenever turn signals start flashing like that, there is usually either something wrong with the headlights or the turn signal flasher relay.

If both the front and back turn signals are actually flashing, your problem is most likely with the relay.  If both the turn signals don’t actually flash, then the relay is probably sensing the fault in the headlight, and the headlights may need to be replaced.

- Ken the Car Guy


Why Is My Alarm Going Off?


My car alarm won’t stop going off.  It all started when I tried entering the car through the passenger side.  I’ve tried disconnecting the battery and starting the car, but the alarm still goes off.  How do I make it stop?

-Ruth D., MO


This sounds to me like the driver’s door lock actuator.  This actuator is what gives a signal to the alarm to go off, so is the most likely culprit.  Luckily this is usually a pretty cheap replacement, so you should be able to get the car in driving condition in no time.

As I imagine you’ve figured out already, the alarm will stop if you disconnect the battery, at least until you hook it back up.

- Ken the Car Guy


Why Won’t My AC Work?


I was having AC problems, so I refilled the freon in my car’s compressor.  Now I can get cold air when the car is idling, but when I take it on the highway, the compressor seems to give out and starts pumping out hot air.  What can I do?

- Bryan P., FL


Several things may be causing your compressor to fail.  The worst possibility is that your compressor is faulty and will need to be replaced, but there’s something we can try first.

From your description, it seems like the compressor is only failing when your engine is running at high rpms.  Most compressors tend to shut down if the pressure gets too high, which can happen if the freon is overfilled.

Before replacing your whole compressor, try taking out some of the freon and see if that helps.  If you still have problems, I’m afraid you may be looking at replacement compressors in the near future.

- Ken the Car Guy