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Why Won’t My Transmission Change Gears?


Lately, my transmission has been acting up.  It will switch fine from neutral to first gear, but when I accelerate, it doesn’t shift gears and revs up to really high RPMs around 20 mph.  The car has 200,000+ miles on it, so I’m worried this might be a big problem.  Any thoughts?

-Britt C., CT


I hate to say it, but this sounds like a pretty big issue.  At the very least, the transmission will need to be rebuilt, but with an engine that old, it may make more sense to just replace the transmission.

One thing you may want to check is if there is a manual option on your shifter.  Some cars give drivers the ability to change gears themselves, so if this is a new-to-you car, you might want to check out that possibility.

- Ken the Car Guy


Why Does My Car Keep Making Noise?


My car makes a dinging noise when I leave the key in and have the driver’s door open.  Recently, this dinging changed.  Now it dings all the time, for no apparent reason.  The door could be closed with the engine on and it will still make the noise.  What’s happening?

-Lisa H., WA


The problem here is most likely that you have either a bad sensor, or  faulty connection in the ignition.  Next time you go to your car, check the dashboard to see if the “open door” light is on even if the door is closed.  If this light goes on and off when you open the door, then the door sensor is working properly.

If you also have a seat belt light on your dash, try the same thing to see if the seat belt sensor is working properly.  If it is, then the problem has to be in the ignition.

Fixing this issue can be  headache unless you really know what you’re doing.  You’ll need to remove the dashboard to get at the ignition, inspect it, and fix it.  You my be better off leaving that to a professional.

- Ken the Car Guy


Why Did Both My Windows Stop Working?


Both the driver and passenger power windows suddenly stopped working this morning.  I’ve checked the fuses and nothing seems to be blown.

- Jordan H., IL


If you’re certain that the fuse controlling the windows is still working, the problem is almost certainly with the window relay switch.  Depending on your car, this switch might be located in the driver’s side door, behind the dash, or under the hood.  Check your car’s manual to find the location of the switch and make sure it’s getting power.  Also check the connections from the relay switch to the power window motors.  If the relay is getting power, but the motors are not, then you’re looking at replacing your relay switch.  These units are typically pretty cheap, so thankfully you’re not going to break the bank.

- Ken the Car Guy