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What’s Making These Weird Noises?


Now that it’s started to get cold, I’ve been hearing some creaking/popping noises when going over bumps.  Any idea what could be causing it?

Heath P., NV


If your suspension is old and faulty, you may be hearing the signs of that whenever you go over a bump.  It’s not a serious problem; the worst thing that can happen is that your tires may wear out sooner than they would otherwise.  If the noises really get to you, or the ride starts to feel a bit rough, you can try replacing the shocks.  This should ease the load a bit and make the ride a bit more comfortable.

- Ken the Car Guy


Why Does My Car Keep Making Noise?


My car makes a dinging noise when I leave the key in and have the driver’s door open.  Recently, this dinging changed.  Now it dings all the time, for no apparent reason.  The door could be closed with the engine on and it will still make the noise.  What’s happening?

-Lisa H., WA


The problem here is most likely that you have either a bad sensor, or  faulty connection in the ignition.  Next time you go to your car, check the dashboard to see if the “open door” light is on even if the door is closed.  If this light goes on and off when you open the door, then the door sensor is working properly.

If you also have a seat belt light on your dash, try the same thing to see if the seat belt sensor is working properly.  If it is, then the problem has to be in the ignition.

Fixing this issue can be  headache unless you really know what you’re doing.  You’ll need to remove the dashboard to get at the ignition, inspect it, and fix it.  You my be better off leaving that to a professional.

- Ken the Car Guy


Screeching Noise At Startup


Every time I start my car after it has sat for a while, it makes an annoying screeching sound for a minute or more before dying down.  I’ve heard this may be caused by a belt, but I’ve looked under the hood and everything seems to be fine.  What else could be causing this?

- Barney O., CA

Barney, your first guess was right, it’s almost certainly a belt issue.  This annoyance is very common in older cars, and is usually caused by ageing rubber.  As the belt gets older it hardens, which leads to slipping until the rubber warms up and starts gripping the pulley.

Luckily, this is a cheap and easy fix.  Belts only cost a few dollars and are relatively easy to replace yourself.  If you’re not mechanically inclined, an auto shop can put a new belt on for a minimal fee.

Hope this quiets things down for you!

- Ken the Car Guy