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How Do I Open My Hood?


Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I’m having  hard time getting my hood open.  I’ve pulled the lever, and it makes a clicking sound.  The hood pops open a bit, but it won’t actually open.  Is something broken?

-Clark F., GA


There are no dumb questions here, and actually a lot of people have trouble getting their hood open.  How this usually works is that when the lever is pulled, it releases the spring loaded hood.  This isn’t all that is needed to open the hood completely though.  You’ll need to stick your fingers under the hood and feel around for a while till you find yet another lever.

This lever should release the hood completely so you can open it all up and wedge the hood open.  There is usually a post you can prop the hood up with.

- Ken the Car Guy


How Do I Fix My Fuel Door?


My fuel door won’t open when I pull the lever.  How can I fix this?

-Gary L., NM


What usually has happened in this situation is that the fuel door has been shut to hard.  When this happens, the tab that holds the latch sometimes gets bent out of shape.

To fix this problem, pull the release lever while a friend pries open the door.  You shouldn’t have to pry too hard.  With the door open, you should be able to access the tab that holds the door closed.  Try bending this tab back into shape, and you should be ready to fill up again.

- Ken the Car Guy


Why Isn’t My Seat Adjuster Working?


I drive a Lincoln Navigator and the electric lever that moves the seat back and forth stopped working.  Now the driver’s seat is stuck at my wife’s height which makes it difficult for me to drive.  The dealer is quoting me a huge price to replace the whole setup.  Is there anything else I can do?

- Tom K., PA


After a bit of research, it seems that a few other people have had the same problem and were able to solve it by simply replacing the switch.

What is likely happening is that an internal piece of the switch has broken and the actual motors and gears are ok.  Try heading back to the dealer, they might be able to replace only the broken part and save you some cash.

- Ken the Car Guy