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Ford Freestar

Mileage: 155,000

Year: 2005

Location: Plaistow, NH

Mileage: 149,143

Year: 2005

Mileage: 36,250

Year: 1974

Location: Emu U Of Or, OR

Mileage: 97,986

Year: 2000

Location: Laughlin Afb, TX

Mileage: 105,851

Year: 2004

Location: Timpanogos, UT

Mileage: 90,075

Year: 2002

Location: Hillisburg, IN

Mileage: 90,252

Year: 2002

Location: Boston, MA

Mileage: 89,786

Year: 2002

Location: Good Hope, AL

Mileage: 90,251

Year: 2002

Mileage: 77,558

Year: 1940

Mileage: 77,558

Year: 1938

Mileage: 77,558

Year: 1968

Mileage: 77,558

Year: 1950

Location: Rsbg, OR

Mileage: 32,000

Year: 1988

Location: Union Center, NJ

Mileage: 111,000

Year: 1990

Location: Hallie, WI

Mileage: 90,827

Year: 2002

Location: Loma Linda, MO

Mileage: 90,327

Year: 2002

Location: Laurens, SC

Mileage: 89,647

Year: 2002

Location: Musk, OK

Mileage: 89,767

Year: 2002

Location: Sunnyside, WA

Mileage: 89,848

Year: 2002

Location: Torrington, CT

Mileage: 90,608

Year: 2002

Location: Galilee, RI

Mileage: 90,194

Year: 2002

Location: Pleasant Vly, MO

Mileage: 90,821

Year: 2002

Location: West Derby, VT

Mileage: 90,301

Year: 2002


Ford F-250

Location: Preston, NE

Mileage: 89,930

Year: 2002

Location: Newcastle, WY

Mileage: 89,615

Year: 2002

Location: Miami, FL

Mileage: 89,801

Year: 2002

Location: Wesley Hills, NY

Mileage: 90,300

Year: 2002

Location: Seminole, OK

Mileage: 90,348

Year: 2002


Ford F250 Red

Location: Vlg Loch Loyd, MO

Mileage: 90,129

Year: 2002

Location: Hillisburg, IN

Mileage: 34,000

Year: 1975

Location: Coatopa, AL

Mileage: 54,000

Year: 1976

Mileage: 77,558

Year: 1949

Year: 2000

Location: Dallas, TX

Mileage: 90,739

Year: 2002

Location: Richmond, VA

Mileage: 89,796

Year: 2002

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